Want to know a little more about me?! Well let me tell you! Four of the cutest little people call me mama. They are my biggest inspiration (and also are the cause of most of my wrinkles ;)). Landon is now six, Odessa is four, William is almost three and Margaux is nine months – I almost feel silly putting their ages in here because I know I’m not going to update it very often, but there you go. I have a couple little humans that take all of my updating time! I am married to my best friend. Our romance is a whirlwind and we have kept quite an incredible pace, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am originally from Southern California but at a young age my parents found a cute little town just south of San Francisco and decided to call it home.

So Half Moon Bay was the backdrop for my childhood. It is a small town known for big waves and pumpkins but it also provided so much awe and inspriation. It was in that small town that I first fell in love with photography at about 10 years old. I would photograph the moon rising over The Johnson House while the sun was setting. I remember looking at slides on a light box and feeling so proud to have captured such a unique image. Since then I have always loved taking pictures but never pursued it much. Just fun stuff here and there and occasionally I would impress myself.It was after having my first child that I decided to put more time into learning the art of photography. I love being able to capture my families sweetest moments and love being able to do the same for others. Life flies by at lightening speed and we get these precious moments that we can only call a memory, or if we’re lucky enough, capture an image that we can keep forever. I love capturing those images!!

We currently live in the Sacramento area but are in the Bay Area at least once, but usually twice a month to visit friends, family or our daddy at the fire house.In my spare time (yeah, spare time lol) you can find me cooking, noshing on delictible bites as I LOVE to eat, sipping on delicious wine (love that stuff) and spending lots of time making fun memories for my kids – because that’s what life is all about right?!

Lots of love!


Image of me pregnant with my daughter Margaux

by the amazing Miranda North

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